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    Stewardship Year

    Every year, the Baltimore Orchard Project collaborates with existing orchards to increase community engagement and consult on orchard care.  Example projects include public art, pest and disease identification and maintenance, and building projects.

    Contact info@baltimoreorchard.org if your community group is interested.

    Orchard Stewards Program

    In August 2016, we kicked off our long-term, month-by-month stewardship training.

    The Baltimore Orchard Project has planted almost 100 orchards in the city composed of over 1,000 fruit and nut trees. To sustain this fruit and nut system, we need people to cultivate orchards and cultivate communities. Orchards need some love and care, and we need community members to spread the knowledge of stewardship to empower neighbors to sustain their orchards.

    As a Steward you will learn the tips and tricks of caring for an orchard, everything from pruning and thinning to building an Orchard House. With your help, a community orchard can ensure its longevity as a neighborhood gem.

    OSP is a series of 12 workshops. We meet the second Saturday of each month for an orchard workshop. You will be assigned a Community Orchard, if you do not already belong to one, and use the knowledge gained at the workshops to assist them. We ask that you dedicate at least 2 hours a month to your orchard outside of the workshops.

    If you are interested, sign up here. Although you might have missed some sessions, there is still more to learn!

    Any questions or comments? Please contact us at info@baltimoreorchard.org.