Fruit and Nut Tree Academy

We’re planning for the next Fruit and Nut Tree Academy!

Keep an eye out for more information soon. 

Course Dates and Topics:

TBA: The Lifecycle of a Fruit Tree

TBA: The Best Defense

TBA: Orchard Ecosystems

The Fruit & Nut Tree Academy is the Baltimore Orchard Project’s comprehensive adult education series.  Classes cover tree species, nutrient management, pruning, pest and disease prevention, and holistic orchard design.

The classes are meant for novice gardeners, experienced professionals, and everyone in between.  Anyone interested in the nuanced field of 21st century urban orcharding should enroll!

Down to earth gold information and support to get started in growing an orchard and maintaining an orchard.

It opened my mind to the wonderful world of fruit trees.

Great atmosphere.

This is a must class for the burgeoning urban orchardist. The class offers a tremendous amount of information, supplemented by in-class expertise, that will get you up and running to planting orchards.