Our Story

Cultivating orchards, cultivating communities

We are residents of Baltimore who have joined together to bring the blessings and goodness of fruit trees to the neighborhoods of Baltimore.

We share our knowledge, passion, and resources so that we may turn waste into abundance and hunger into health.

We partner with individuals and groups of all kinds to plant trees, orchards and food forests (woodland-style clusters of edible and companion plants), transforming it into places that benefit and delight our neighbors, our children and ourselves, today and tomorrow.

We also glean fruit from trees in our yards, streets and civic places, fruit that would otherwise go to waste, and we distribute it to those in need.

Fruit trees create enchanted groves where neighbors can meet, rest, and seek refuge from the rush of the day. They bring blossoms and aromas in the spring, shade and comfort in the summer, food and fun in the fall, structure and repose in the winter.

Fruit trees offer all the benefits that other trees do, only more. They clean the air of pollutants and particles; absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen; bring shade to our homes, sidewalks and streets; soak up storm water; create habitats for helpful wildlife; clean the soils, water and air; enhance neighborhood identity; cool our parked cars and more. But unlike other trees, they also feed us.

With over 120,000 people hungry in Baltimore City and 110,000 in Baltimore County, local orchards and food forests can provide welcome, healthy, free food to augment daily diets and create healthy eating habits.

For more information, see “Stories from the Orchard,” an interactive story map put together by the Center for a Livable Future chronicling our work.