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Creating Ugly Dolls for the Orchard

How can they something be so ugly and cute at the same time?! Reginald F. Lewis High school’s Orchard Club finished up their Ugly Creatures project. The combination of thread, felt, and buttons yield some very FUNKY, but adorable orchard creatures. The Ugly Creatures project was paired with a lesson...
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Mushroom Inoculation Workshop 2-24

On Friday February 24th, BOP partnered with Real Food Farm to host our first mushroom inoculation workshop. Twenty-one attendees helped us to inoculate sixty logs with enough spawn to produce several hundred pounds of mushrooms over the course of the life-cycle of the logs. Earlier in the month, we went...
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Orchard Stewards Program: Pruning

It’s pruning season! Pruning can be daunting, but our Stewards learned quickly. As the Holistic Orchardist Michael Phillips says, “You need confidence. It comes from projecting your mind into the light space surrounding a branch. It comes from being the bud.” There are many theories, and this is just the...
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