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We All Have a Role

While out gathering wood for the fire tonight, I collected slender twigs that serve as the finest of kindling; pencil-thick twigs that catch fast and burn slow; wrist-thick logs to set the fire steady; quarter-split logs to burn long and deep. And the match, the spark, to get it all...
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Fruit Trees in the Darkness

Tonight the Jewish holiday of lights begins. For these eight nights of Hanukkah, Jews light candles on a special candelabrum called a Menorah. Poignantly, the classic Menorah is in the shape of an espaliered fruit tree, with its celebrated flames appearing as flickering fruit. Each night, a new flame, a...
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Share Your Resources

We invite you to share your resources, at http://www.baltimoreorchardproject.civicworks.com/share_resources. We don’t want to “reinvent the wheel,” so please tell us what you’ve already got! Here’s how: You’ll need to register with the site, and then confirm your site membership by email. You may enter multiple resources per post, or if...
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