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    This year we’re excited to announce a partnership with HEX Ferments and Atwaters to make sauerkraut and apple butter! All the apples were harvested from August-September from Carroll Park in southwest Baltimore. Created as a replica of a historic orchard maintained on the site previously, 60 heirloom apple trees (16...
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    Movable Orchard Construction

    This past week we finished up building a prototype movable orchard (pictured above). This post will show you, step by step, how to make your own! Materials:  5 Gallon Bucket 4 foot hose length (3/8 diameter) Plumbers glue Drill 3/8 inch drill bit Landscaping cloth Gravel Sand Potting Soil Plants Small...
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    Pawpaws: A Baltimore Summer Tradition

    Over the last decade, wild foods have recaptured the American imagination. Foraged goods have reached a popularity unseen since the 1970’s. Arguably, no fruit has captured this spirit more than the pawpaw. Interest in the fruit has prompted coverage in national publications, and in 2015, a book dedicated to the...
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    Apple Season!

    August might not seem like apple season. While, soaring temperatures don’t exactly remind us of biting into the crisp fruit we associate with fall, apples are ripening up all over the city. After a visit to Carroll Park with orchard steward Regina, we discovered many trees bearing huge amounts of...
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    July Orchard Stewards and Goodbye Gwen!

    Gwen here! July 8th marked our last Orchard Stewards session of the year. These Stewards have been through 12 sessions, involving everything from preserving the harvest to art in the community. With the dedication of our Stewards, we have been able to care for 15 different community orchards, preserve 100...
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    Mulberry Madness Wrap-Up

    Over the last month we have been busy celebrating Mulberry Madness here at BOP. We have held a month’s worth of harvests, workshops and volunteer events to get more people acquainted with this funky fruit. In the process we were able to harvest over 80 pounds of mulberries and partner...
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