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    Kevin Antoszewski nominated for Corpsmember of the Year!

    We are incredibly proud of Kevin Antoszewski, an amazing member of the BOP team, who has been nominated for The Corps Network‘s 2018 Corpsmember of the Year award!

    “I’ve grown a lot throughout my AmeriCorps term. I’ve gained a greater understanding of Baltimore – both its strengths and its weaknesses. It’s easy to pay attention to the news and think that everything happening in the city is bad. While there are problems with violence and poverty, it’s a rewarding place to live and work.”

    As a native of Baltimore, Kevin Antoszewski has seen his city through ups and downs. Currently in his second AmeriCorps term, he is a key component in providing fellow Civic Works Corpsmembers training and support in arboriculture and gardening skills. In his work with the Baltimore Orchard Project (BOP), Kevin is responsible for teaching community members how to plant and maintain trees, harvest fruit, and share food with their neighbors. With this work, Kevin has given back to his community by helping other volunteers gain new skills and learn the positive impacts of food forests. Kevin has helped bring many innovations to BOP, including starting the propagation of plants in the nursery, improving the BOP website, helping train and educate more than 400 volunteers, and designing the Movable Orchard Project, a fruit tree planter box for Adopt-A-Lot locations.

    Kevin’s largest contribution to BOP will be designing and prototyping Movable Orchards. The Movable Orchards will allow Civic Works to provide planter containers with fruit trees to people who don’t have the proper soil for planting trees in the ground. Although this work has faced resistance in some areas, Kevin continues to be a champion and advocate for healthier communities.

    Currently, Kevin is finishing his Graduate Degree in Geography at Towson University with the help of his AmeriCorps Education Award. He considers his term at Civic Works a time of growth. He wants to continue to help communities create something they can be proud of and call their own. After his term is complete, Kevin is considering PhD programs or teaching World History or Geography in local high schools.

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