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    Movable Orchard Construction

    This past week we finished up building a prototype movable orchard (pictured above). This post will show you, step by step, how to make your own!


    • 5 Gallon Bucket
    • 4 foot hose length (3/8 diameter)
    • Plumbers glue
    • Drill
    • 3/8 inch drill bit
    • Landscaping cloth
    • Gravel
    • Sand
    • Potting Soil
    • Plants
    • Small nursery pot

    IMG_20171013_093918Start out by drilling a hole about 1/3 of the way up of the 5 gallon bucket. Cut a small section of your hose to fit into the hole you drill. Using the plumbers glue, fit the hose into the hole and let it cure overnight.







    IMG_20171013_094543Cut a small section of the landscape cloth and cover the end of the hose inside the container. This will prevent potting soil and sand from pouring out.







    IMG_20171013_095520Take your remaining hose and set it so it will fill the bottom of your container with water. Gravel, sand, and potting soil will hold this in place. Like the outlet pipe, be sure to cover the end with landscaping cloth to prevent clogging.







    IMG_20171013_095734Begin to fill the container with gravel. Make sure your fill hose is where you want it. Add gravel until the top is just up against the outlet pipe.








    IMG_20171013_100933Add sand until you can see a solid layer without the gravel peaking through.








    IMG_20171013_101752Take your small nursery pot and cut most of it off, so that it’s about 1 inch tall. Fill it with clay soil. This will help to wick water up into the potting soil and feed deep rooting plants.







    IMG_20171013_101845Layer on your landscaping cloth. This will stop the potting soil and the sand from mixing, and stop the soil from filling in the gaps in gravel as you water.








    Add potting soil until you’ve almost reached the top of your planter. Be sure you’re positioning the fill hose as you’re filling.








    IMG_20171013_103941Plant whatever plants you want! For ours we used tansies, comfrey, and seeded red clover.

    Add some mulch to help keep in moisture.

    The first time you fill the planter with water, it will take a while. Add water until it starts running out of the outlet hose. We’re also fertilizing with kelp for the time being.

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