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    In preparation for Mulberry Madness, the BOP team visited Wyman Park to scout out some, well, mulberry trees. The first white mulberry we encountered didn’t have much ripe fruit to yield (the wind seemed to have beaten us to it), but, nonetheless, it was exciting for me, someone who’s never witnessed a harvest, to experience the process.

    Besides being able to distinguish between the edible fruit bearing mulberry trees and its deceitful doppelganger paper mulberry, I learned that harvesting a mulberry tree takes no skill and optional tools.

    In fact, as I observed our experienced and fearless leader, Gwen, vigorously shaking the limbs of the mulberry tree with her towering harvest hook, I thought to myself, well, I can do that. And now, speaking as somewhat of an authority on mulberry harvests, I assure you that you can too.

    All you have to do is identify a mulberry tree and then pick its ripe fruit. Hand picking can be tedious, so to speed up the process I’d suggest spreading a tarp or old sheet under the tree and then shaking the branches by hand or with a harvest-hook-sickle-thingy.

    The rest of our scout about was spent sampling mulberries and serviceberries (yum), foraging bamboo and funky orange mushrooms, listening to the Kevins banter over the tune of Eric’s instant hit Follow the Mulberry Road. 


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