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    Creating Ugly Dolls for the Orchard

    How can they something be so ugly and cute at the same time?! Reginald F. Lewis High school’s Orchard Club finished up their Ugly Creatures project. The combination of thread, felt, and buttons yield some very FUNKY, but adorable orchard creatures.

    The Ugly Creatures project was paired with a lesson on habitats and adaptations. Everyone imagined their own fantastical creature and gave it adaptations to survive in their habitats. Although the process to transform their 2D drawing into a 3D was fairly long, the final results were products that the students were extremely proud of.

    The final project day was a beautiful one, in fact, it was so nice out that we didn’t even need our coats and sweatshirts on. Some students who were done early went outside to clean up the orchard to prepare for the spring planting projects that are planned. As others finished up they went outside to help but also to bask in the sun as well.

    Before the day wIMG_4062as over, we helped the students arrange their dolls in their habitats, aka, the orchard. They photographed their creatures up in trees, hidden in bushes, or burrowed in some grass. The creatures, such as the Panchito, certainly looked at home in their photoshoots.
    Students took their new creatures with them to their next homes, but they also left knowing that with the good weather that more green was going to be arriving in their orchard soon as well. Lauren and I are very excited to start getting outside with the Reginald F. Lewis High school more in the coming months. Pruning and gardening are scheduled to happen very soon!

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