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    Youth Education at Reginald F. Lewis High School

    The windy week had died down just in time for the planting at Reginald F. Lewis High School. Lauren and Kelley, the current BOP Youth Education team, ungracefully hobbled into the courtyard with all the tools, trees, and mulch. The sun had finally decided to peek out from behind the clouds, a sign that today’s planting was going to be a great one.

    Before we got into the dirty work, BOP had to introduce the Pom Poms. There is no way to be part of Baltimore Orchard Project without making them at least once. Not only do they act as our symbol for community, but the puffy fellas are pretty soothing to make. For the Reginald F. Lewis students, it was a great social activity, plenty of interaction amongst peers and a good way to escape their usual class routine. By the end of the first half of class, we had accumulated a good number of handsome Pom Poms ready to be hung in the orchard.

    It was time to break out the big tools, an act that always gets the students revved up to work. They quickly started shoveling away. By the end of the two periods, three new trees could call the Reginald F. Lewis High School their home. The school day was over and some students were reluctant to leave their new trees. They told us that they couldn’t wait for us to come back next week and every week after.  

    Reginald F. Lewis High School is the newest group to join the Orchard Club this planting season. Each Thursday two periods get to learn about orchard care and create art projects with BOP. Although it’s only been one month, it is obvious that we, the Youth Education team, and the students are excited to continue growing and beautifying their newly planted orchard.

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