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    Our thanks to Ben Howard

    After three plus years building, strengthening and guiding the BOP, Ben Howard is moving on. He is becoming a schoolteacher, gifting the Baltimore City school system with his talent for math and teaching, and his passion for making Baltimore a more resilient, vibrant community.

    We will miss him mightily. Ben has been the face, hands, head and heart of the BOP. As Earl Millett, the COO of Civic Works, said at Ben’s goodbye lunch, BOP really stands for Ben’s Orchard Project.

    It is hard to imagine how we will manage without him, and his knowledge, energy and presence. But like all good leaders, Ben has positioned us well. He has taught and mentored a wonderful team who are graced with passion and commitment as powerful as Ben’s: Eric, Dean, Gwen, Jordan, Karyn. They have accepted “Ben’s mantle” as their own. And this mantle of leadership will in time be molded by their shoulders, their form, their style.

    We are so very grateful for the gift of Ben’s leadership and legacy; and we look forward to seeing the way the BOP team will carry it forward.

    Ben – godspeed to you and yours. And don’t be a stranger!



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