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    Funky Fruits are super dooper more nutritious!

    funky apples

    Eliza Greenman, a young star of the orchard world, has uncovered a fruit secret! Bruised, blemished and scabbed fruit is in fact more nutritious than “cosmetically perfect” fruit found at grocery stores. As these funky fruits are fighting off stressors–like bugs and fungus–they release antioxidants such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, and other fun-to-pronounce compounds. They also release sugars as they battle off stressors, which of course make them tastier. Greenman argues that this process makes these funky fruits superfoods!

    Orchards planted with BOP are organic, funky, and now we know especially nutritious! Have fun stewarding your beautiful orchards this spring and look forward to enjoying some funky fruit.

    Get involved! Mulberry Madness is coming up! Our new Harvest Coordinator, Dean, will be harvesting mulberry trees with volunteers all throughout Baltimore. If you know of any mulberry trees that need harvesters and/or if you want to participate, contact Dean at harvest@baltimoreorchard.org.

    If you’d like to learn more about Eliza’s work, check out these links:

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