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    Moving from stability to resilience

    No doubt you have noticed that the world is changing. Weather, climate, seasons are in flux and we are no doubt in for a bumpy ride as we learn how to navigate the new normal. Which is why there is a new paradigm emerging in how we build and plan for the future. As Nina-Marie Lister wrote recently in The Nature of Cities:

    In the last 25 years, the field of ecology has moved from a concern with stability, certainty, predictability, and order in favor of more contemporary understandings of dynamic systemic change and the related phenomena of uncertainty, adaptability, and resilience. Increasingly, these concepts in ecological theory and complex systems thinking are found useful as frameworks for decision-making generally, and—with empirical evidence—for landscape design in particular.

    Which is where the BOP comes in.

    We are not just interested in planting fruit and nut trees, but whole orchard ecosystems that can adapt to and be resilient in the emerging world of nature.

    We are thrilled when schools, congregations, neighborhood associations and others ask us to help them with this same goal.

    But we need the expanded partnerships of landscape architects, landscape design schools, businesses and city planners so we can better integrate urban orchards into the environmental, social, nutritional and economic resilience of Baltimore.

    Something we need to add to our agenda!

    Check out  Nina-Marie’s  article here.

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