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    Imagining an Edible Baltimore

    Apple Seeds

    “People act on the basis of the imagined world in which they dwell, and by acting on what they imagine, they help establish their worlds as real.” (Luke T Johnson)

    A dream, the stuff of our imaginings, is like a seed. It is small and light and can easily be crushed or blown away. But it can also, in the right conditions, over time, grow into something that astonishes, defies and blesses all those who said it couldn’t be.

    The Baltimore Orchard Project believes orchards of fruit and nut trees, with squash and beans and berries growing in their understory creating a virtual food forest, would be a gift to this city. Planted and tended by and for the neighborhoods of our city, these lots and fields would transform the health, wealth and beauty of Baltimore. It is an idea that is only a seed, a vision of our imagination, but it is only through such seeds and visions that the world we seek comes to be.

    It is late winter. The sap will soon begin to rise in the trees. The time of planting is almost here. Join us and let’s plant together.

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