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    Celebrating Funky Fruit is a win-win-win-win

    Food waste is huge problem in America. Somewhere between farm and fork, 40% of all our food goes to waste. $162 billion worth, $1500 per family of four, 33 million cars worth of CO2.

    And all while 1 in 6 Americans are food insecure.

    The USDA and the EPA want to fix this. They are calling for us to reduce our food waste by 50% by 2030. And they will be offering programs and incentives to make that happen.

    Yet one big reason for all this waste is us, the mighty consumer. We demand perfect-looking produce (even at the expense of taste and nutrients). And the industry knows that.IMG_1357

    So places like NY State are offering farmers financial assistance for perfectly good but unattractive apples. [http://wivb.com/2015/10/01/deformed-apples-impacting-some-orchards/]

    “As for the deformed apples, while they can’t be sold at the market, they still taste normal    and can be used for juicing and making apple cider.”

    But what if they *could* be sold at market? Farmers would win, we would win, public funds would be      saved, food waste would be reduced.

    We are all more forgiving of the looks of fruits and vegetables we grow and pick ourselves. What if we brought that same aesthetic to commercial produce?

    The BOP is exploring how to make that happen through our Funky Fruit campaign. We will be getting back to you soon with some of our programs, ideas and initiatives. And we would love your help. Hope to hear from you, and see you at some of our Funky Fruit events.





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