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    Want to be on TV?

    Yardfarmers is looking for contestants on a TV reality show that showcases young adults in their 20s who are living with their parents (or would be willing to live with their parents for a few months) and willing to transform their parents’ yard into a working, productive farm.

    Here is how they put it:

    • Are you a young American between the ages of 21 and 30ish?
    • Do you live with your parents or would you consider moving back in with them?
    • Do you want to try to convert your parents’ lawn (and neighborhood greenspaces) into a workable yardfarm–one that can sustain you and your family either nutritionally or financially or both?
    • Do you want some guy with a camera following you around while you try to do this for nine months?!?

    This is an effort, in part, to demonstrate how turf, grass, aka the classic American lawn, is at best wasteful and at worst destructive of our landscape and local ecosphere; and how with some effort, they can be transformed into bio-friendly, edible, productive gardens.

    If this sounds like something you would like to try, go for it! You can find the Yardfarmers application here.

    (The BOP has no connection to Yardfarmers and we are not endorsing this program. Just passing along the info for anyone who might be interested. Use your good sense and due diligence in applying.)

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