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    The Peepers Are Back!

    The temperature hit the high 60s yesterday – awakening the peepers and starting the summer chorus. It seemed a bit late this year. Usually one lone precocious peeper starts piping up mid-March, days before the others, hoping to wow and woo the females (if any have awakened yet from their winter slumber) and get a leg up on his competitors. This year, no doubt due to the cold, they all seemed to emerge at once, last night! Strong chirps filled the air.

    And if the peepers are here, spring planting cannot be far behind. So get out your shovels, turn the compost one more time, and prepare for the vernal explosion of life.

    As Maurice Sendak might say: Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

    (If you live in the city you may qualify for a free fruit tree for planting this spring. For more information, please contact us: ben@baltimoreorhard.org)

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