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    Jane Goodall

    Jane Goodall, the woman known for her pioneering work with chimpanzees, also has been enchanted by the world of plants since she was a child.

    In this book, part autobiography – part adventure and exploration, Goodall speaks of her love of, search for and appreciation of the plants that she has encountered in her long and well-travelled life.

    A pleasant read, there is one line in there that grabbed me more than all the others:

    Why is it, she ponders while recalling this wisdom from an anonymous someone, “… that if a work of Man is destroyed it is called vandalism, but if a work of nature, of God, is destroyed it is so often called progress.”

    All life leaves traces. All life traffics in the use and consumption of nature. So it is not the fact that humans use, mine, consume and transform nature that is the object of this critique. It is the abusive or wanton or excessive or irresponsible or greedy use of nature that turns it into destruction.

    The BOP uses nature; creates orchards and food forests and edible ecosystems where nature would not have created it.

    But given that we live in a world radically and wholly transformed by humanity, it is our responsibility to partner with nature in ways that nature might not have done herself, but in ways that – ideally – enrich her and heal her from our past degradations so she can enrich and heal all of creation.

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