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    A Wendell Quote

    Though Wendell Berry is not without his detractors (who among us isn’t?), he often speaks fundamental truths in such clear, compelling ways that they merit sharing.

    In his latest book, Our Only World, Berry says two things that underpin the work of the BOP:


    1) People and land flourish in each other’s presence. We know that people often are harmed when dislocated and alienated from the land they love; but even more, as Berry (and the Bible!) remind us, the land suffers when it is alienated from those who love it.


    2) “…how likely impossible it is to know authentically or well what one does not love, and how certainly impossible it is to love what one does not know.”

    The BOP believes in these two teachings. Our work both enables and relies upon knowing and loving the earth where we live, right in our own neighborhoods, our schools, our congregations, our backyards.

    We are about so much more than putting trees in the ground. We work to inspire intimacy between people and land, which we hope then becomes knowledge, love and deep care and caring so that both people and land may thrive.

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