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    The winter of 2013-2014 was devastating for local figs. Most varieties suffered, their leaves and branches dying back to a small portion of their prior selves.

    This is being reported on several websites and confirmed here in Baltimore by our hardy group of Fig Tree Buddies. These are BOP volunteers who adopt a fig tree to check on and monitor.

    The good news, however, is that figs are hardy plants and are taking this year to recover. Some have put on several feet of new growth already. If your fig tree is one of these, folks at Edible Landscaping recommend selecting 3-5 of the larger, healthier trunks to save and weeding out the smaller new growth. This should strengthen the tree and help it survive this coming winter in tact and enable it to produce figs next summer.

    In the long run, this may provide healthier and more productive trees.

    If you know of fig trees in the area – or any other fruit trees – please do let us know. We have 245 fruit trees registered on our Tree Registry (not including the trees we plant with schools and organizations), and we would love to double (and eventually triple and quadruple and more!) that figure.

    And remember the fall planting season is fast approaching. Fruit trees make beautiful, enchanting neighbors.

    Happy planting!


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