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    Tight On Room? Espalier!

    Tree limbs are amazingly pliable in their early years. For those of us who have little room to grow trees and cannot let their limbs over-hang walkways or shade sun-loving plants, one of the ways we can “have our tree and it too” is to “espalier” it. That is, train its limbs to lie flat along a wall or plane. Such trees artfully done can offer great varieties of elegant shapes – and still yield fruit to eat!

    You can use this technique to accent a wall, hide a wall, or create a wall; or even to create a design, logo or initials of your institution!

    Fruits that need warmer temperatures in colder climates can actually benefit from growing snug up against a sun-warmed wall.

    Barbara Sarudy shows us creative ways of planting and decorating with fruit trees to provide food and beauty.  Just imagine Baltimore splashed with these living, fruitful sculptures in the most unexpected of places.

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