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    Heart-Warming Stories

    This past harvest season we partnered with Civic Works’ Real Food Farm to make some of our fruit available at affordable prices to food desert communities through RFF’s mobile food market.

    Shelley White, RFF’s Community Outreach Coordinator, tells us these following heart-warming stories:

    “A woman at one of our Thursday stops was buying apples when she remarked, ‘You know, they may not be the prettiest apples, but my, are they ever tasty! I think I’ll get some more.”

    It is true that our fruit is not always the prettiest on the block. It may have a blemish or too; it may not be shiny and round. But it is healthy, fresh and absolutely delicious. And once you taste it, it is hard to go back to the supermarket variety!

    “At the National Food Day event which was held at the farm this year on October 24th, children received a box lunch which included a small green apple. We parked the Mobile Farmers’ Market truck at the event to provide a visual for what we grew on the farm and to provide samples of our produce. By far, the most popular sample was a slice of BOP apple. The kids kept trying to come back for more, and when supervising adult reminded them they had an apple in their boxes, they replied, “But this one is sweet and tasty!”

    In the battle between looks and taste – taste will ultimately win out!!

    “At a stop near a school, a mother walked by with her young (6 yr old? 1st grade or so) son who spied the apples and started bouncing up and down in excitement. She bought him an apple and as they were walking away, we heard him getting her attention: “Mom. Mom! Mom!” “What?!” “This is gooooood.”

    That is what we are all about. Kids enjoying healthy food; healthy expectations; healthy bodies and a healthy future.

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