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    The Benefits of Fruit Trees

    In technical talk, the work that we do in planting fruit trees (and the extended version we call food forests) falls in the category of “agroforestry,” that is, a combination of agriculture and forestry.

    Agroforestry Farming management practices are characterized by the deliberate inclusion of woody perennials on farms, which usually leads to significant economic and/or ecological benefits between woody and non-woody system components. In most documented cases of successful agroforestry, tree-based systems are more productive, more food.forest.diagramsustainable and more attuned to people’s cultural or material needs than treeless alternatives. Agroforestry also provides significant mitigation benefits by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere in the tree biomass. (United Nations Environmental Program Emissions Gap Report 2013)

    We are creating a new variety of agroforesty –  urban orchards planted on open spaces, vacant lots and former lawns owned, operated and managed by schools, congregations, neighborhood associations and individuals like you and me. While taken one by one, these cannot be classified as “farms,” all together they offer the promise of providing thousands of pounds of free or affordable, healthy, local fruit to neighbors throughout the urban environment.

    picker And even more, we constantly hear what the UNEP report found, that people love fruit. It is often the gateway to healthy eating.

    Though winter is coming, we are not slowing down. Now is when we pick up the pace to find more planting and harvest partners. For before you know it, spring planting will be upon us.

    Think of us as you hunker down in the cold. The ground and the trees are resting, just waiting for us to come back in the spring and greet them.

    If you find fruit trees over the winter, or possible planting partners for us, call or text our Harvest Hotline:  443-562-8483.

    We would love to hear from you.


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