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    Going Nuts!

    A recent NPR story tells of the amazing benefits of nuts. In the largest study of its kind conducted by Dr. Charles Fuchs, Director, of the Gastrointestinal Center, Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, researchers found that eating nuts correlated with lower incidence of disease and longer lifespans.

    Eating something like 7 one-ounce servings of nuts a week, roughly one serving a day, was associated with a reduction in the risk of dying from cancer, heart disease, and other major chronic diseases.

    While most people think that nuts are fattening, the study reported that the people who ate nuts regularly also largely avoided being overweight. Is this correlation more than causation? Uncertain as of yet and more studies will hopefully explain all this.

    In the meanwhile, it is clear that nuts did not hurt those who regularly ate them!

    The BOP encourages the planting of both fruit and nut trees. They not only provide accessible, affordable and healthy food, they help clean the air and the water, manage soil, provide shade and temperature control, bring beauty, nature and a sense of place to neighborhoods.

    Nut trees, like pecans, walnut, hickory and others, can live for hundreds of years! Like fruit trees, nut trees are a gift one generation gives another, and another, and another.

    The BOP will soon be putting out a call for your spring fruit and nut tree orders. Think about where – and with whom – you might create pocket orchards in your neighborhood. Call or text 443-562-8483 with questions or for more information.

    We are looking forward to planting with you this spring!



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