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    Replacement Trees with Help from BGE

    BGE is trimming and removing thousands of trees in our neighborhoods to protect our electrical wires from damage and destruction.

    This should not be a choice. It should be both/and, not either/or. We need both energy and trees. So while we may need to remove trees from  over here we can work to replace them over there.

    Both the city and the county have set goals to radically increase their tree canopy (the amount of land covered by the spread of the trees).

    While there is no formal program yet to replace the trees taken down, BGE will help you cover some of the costs to replace certain qualifying trees that they cut down on your property.

    There are three steps you need to take:
    (1) find out how many trees taken down on your property qualify for the voucher program.
    (2) purchase the kind of replacement trees that qualify for the voucher program.

    (3) submit your receipt to BGE for reimbursement

    If you had trees cut down in your yards, contact Chad Devine at Chad.S.Devine@BGE.com and ask him about the $100 per tree voucher program, and which trees of yours that BGE removed qualify for earning you a $100 voucher.

    A replacment tree that qualifies for the program can grow no larger than 25 feet. It must be purchased from a licensed nursery or landscape provider and you must submit your receipt to BGE. You can find a list of qualifying trees here. While fruit trees do not appear on this list, Chad has assured us that small and dwarf fruit trees will qualify as replacement trees.
    Many fruit trees qualify – especially dwarf fruit trees that allow easy picking their entire lives.

    Now is also a great time to buy and plant fruit trees. And you may be able to get a refund for the cost.
    If you do buy and plant a fruit tree, please do also register it on the Baltimore Orchard Project’s tree registry.

    So check with Chad about getting reimbursed for replacement trees and then send your receipt (from a licensed tree vendor) to Chad at:

    Chad Devine
    White Marsh Center
    11350 Pulaski Highway
    White Marsh, MD 21162

    If you do not want to replace your trees, but would be willing to use your vouchers for purchasing replacement trees for others to plant elsewhere in the city and county, please be in touch with me. We are considering setting up a tree exchange to maximize the number of trees planted to replace the trees taken down.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Happy planting!

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