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    Trees, Wires and Why We Can’t Pit Energy Against Environment Anymore

    My op-ed on the need to re-think above-ground wires running from central power stations to individual houses as the best way to deliver secure energy is here.

    The basic point is that we cannot continue to pit energy (in this dramatization, played by the wires) against the enviroment (played by the trees) as if they were competitors in a dog fight. Civilization, all the world’s creatures, life itself need both. Indeed, the two are bound one to the other.

    Energy comes from the environment and nowhere else. And a healthy environment must create energy to live.

    A hundred years from now our great-grandchildren will look back at us and wonder what in the world were we thinking?

    There is nothing but lack of will that prevents us from creating the future of our dreams. We need to flame the public will, press our elected officials and convince the business community to do the right thing.




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