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    Creating a Shift in Culture

    I have the privilege of being a writer for the (Chesapeake) Bay Journal News Service. My most recent piece spoke of the value and vision of a Baltimore flush with fruit trees. A city in an orchard. The food security it provides and the visual, economic, environmental, and social benefits fruit trees uniquely offer.

    The Sun just published it today. You can read the piece here.

    The first on-line comment was – as is often the case in on-line responses – an unfavorable one.

    Fruit trees are messy. Fruit trees are nuisances. Fruit trees attract things you don’t want to attract, they say.

    We have heard this before.

    If we are to successfully promote our vision, we will need a cultural, attitudinal shift.

    The west coast cities are full of fruit trees (on streets, yards and civic spaces). So are many European cities.

    Dozens more cities around the country are promoting fruit tree planting projects including Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and a whole host more are coming aboard with the help of the Fruit Tree Planting Alliance and the Alliance for Community Trees’ inaugural fruit tree project.

    We are working to push along such an attitudinal shift, both with facts on the ground and facts on paper.

    We are working with neighborhood associations, residences and congregations to plant more fruit trees in neighborhoods throughout Baltimore.

    And we are working with students from CareyServes, the JHU Carey School of Business community service student organization to build our case for community fruit trees. We will publish what we learn later this year.

    Meanwhile, it is almost spring. The early bloomers are blossoming. It is a great time to plant fruit trees. If you have a hankering for some fruit trees in your yard but don’t know what to plant, contact the University of Maryland extension service, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. (ET) 800-342-2507. Real people answering your real questions.

    And come the end of April, we will post on this site fruit tree planting suggestions for you as well.






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