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    Fruit Trees in the Darkness

    espaliered fruit tree from Better Homes and GardensTonight the Jewish holiday of lights begins. For these eight nights of Hanukkah, Jews light candles on a special candelabrum called a Menorah. Poignantly, the classic Menorah is in the shape of an espaliered fruit tree, with its celebrated flames appearing as flickering fruit. Each night, a new flame, a new hope, a new fruit grows.  So, too on Christmas, we take an evergreen and adorn it with “fruit” – baubles and trinkets and keepsakes that link celebrations of the past with gratitude for today and hopes for the future. It is fruit trees that make Paradise paradise. It is the blossoms of fruit trees that herald the spring. We hope – with your help – to bring thousands more fruit trees, thousands more harbingers of renewal, rebirth, sustenance and plenty to Baltimore.

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